Hello Fellow Entrepreneur,

I have a confession to make...

In the first half of my career, I told people that there was no magic pill to business growth. You simply had to do the work. You had to market, be consistent and get out there in a big way. Eight years ago, I changed how I talked to my clients. I revealed to them my personal secret, the one I was afraid to admit for many years...that there IS a magic pill that allows you to grow your business rapidly, again and again every year.

This magic pill allows you to successfully turn your previous yearly income into your monthly income. And that is the practice of working on your MINDSET. Your income and the results in your business are directly related to how much you've worked on your mindset. Period.

So, here is the magic pill you've been waiting for. It's all about the INNER GAME.

Why Mindset Matters

Mindset is the proven formula for overcoming resistance and gaining the confidence that increases your business (and income) to new levels.

YOUR Inner Game = YOUR Outer Results

Your results (meaning your income level, the level of success you're experiencing, your relationships and your level of meaning and fulfillment) aren't actually a result of how HARD you work or what you DO.

Instead, your results are directly correlated to your Inner Game (meaning your mindset, your self-image, your psychology of success, your beliefs, your fears, your self-image, your behaviors, your habits and actions, as well as how big you're willing to play).

Your Inner Game controls your actions, behaviors and habits, which then create your results.

It's not about working harder; it's about shifting the internal resistance, limiting beliefs and fears that are stopping you.

When you clear the internal stuff, your WHOLE LIFE changes.

You can immediately transform your business, your income, your level of meaning and fulfillment and most especially, the quality of your life.

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Meet Courtney

"Before attending the Mindset Retreat, I honestly was doing very well in business. I was making 6 figures, selling 20k pay-in-full programs with ease and continuing to rapidly build a very successful business while growing my message and purpose more every day.

So, why did I need to work on my Mindset? Let's be honest: when you are here on the earth to play BIG, it means a whole lot of inner work and outer work. It means a lot of support around you. It is easy to forget that at times. I kept asking the universe for more help in leveraging my business.

In Mindset Mastery, Fabienne blew me away. Yes, she certainly provides excellent content that is well worth your investment and more. She makes it very fun and valuable. But that wasn't it for me...it was her. Fabienne is a big player and she is on a mission to transform lives in a huge way. Her very energy will transform you and excite you in ways that even the most awakened and successful of us will be pleasantly pleased by.

As a result of Mindset Mastery, I have had the most incredible inner realizations about myself and my business emerge and completely transform my business. I definitely have made money (over $30k in client contracts within 3 weeks of Mindset Mastery), but it is the incredible shifts that have started that I promise you will take my business to the millions within a year, all because of the energy I stepped into in Mindset Mastery."

Courtney A. Budney

We entrepreneurs beat to a different drum...

As entrepreneurs we have a unique opportunity to uplevel our lives. We have total control of the results that we have in business and in life. In order to make more money, experience more freedom and impact more people, we simply need to turn up the volume on our message and get out there in a bigger way.

When you do, you get: more clients, great people lined up, a message that spreads, very good money, great people to hire, financial security, nights of sleeping like a baby, more time to do what you love.

Why isn't everyone a Mindset Master (and more specifically, a millionaire)? Watch this 5-minute video to find out!

What's your excuse?

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"I was having a hard time in my business due to underlying fears of lack of worth. However, I fully embraced new beliefs and this new mindset, and the fear I was holding onto slowly slipped away. As a result, the following month was my highest grossing month, with over $10,000 in sales. Being in business for 1 year, this was an immediate shift that resulted in immediate income. You can’t move forward in your business by harboring limiting beliefs. This will change all of that. If you’re feeling stuck and want to uplevel your game, this is for you."

Stacey Murphy

"Before I was constantly caught up in how I would transition out from my Wall Street career, how I would support myself and my children as an entrepreneur and whether I could ever be successful on my own. I experienced a 100% shift in my attitude. I began attracting prospects every week, including corporate clients, BIG TIME! I signed up 2 new clients immediately after and have stayed positive ever since. I even mended a relationship with my ex-spouse. You will experience shifts in your consciousness. If you’re willing to come out a different person, don’t miss this!"

Marisa Santoro

"I didn't know I could dream big or go BIG. I thought that was just for other people. I have always longed to make a difference in the world, but I assumed I would be a small part of helping someone else do it.

Fabienne helped me to see there is so much more that I was created to be and do. Entrepreneurs really do have an obligation to get out there in a bigger way! The shift in my mindset triggered actions in my business that have more than doubled my number of clients, team members and net profits. "

Julie Shoppa

To experience abundance, THREE things need to match:

Otherwise, you are unknowingly creating a chaotic vibration and you'll stay in your own way.

Despite your best intentions, using discipline, willpower and sheer hustle… It won't work. Why? Because you can't see the thing that's keeping you from what you want.

It's all under the surface.

And what's under there is a deeply held belief that is in direct opposition of the thing you consciously want!

Your subconscious mind (what you believe and expect) holds the trump card. It always wins.

So, how do you get out of your own way?

Welcome to Mindset Mastery:
3 Steps to Mastering the Inner Game.

  • Create clarity around your dreams and desires. Everything you want (and more) is available to you right now.
  • Upgrade your money consciousness.
  • Discover the reason why there's an unlimited supply out there.
  • Discover your purpose and align it with your business.
  • Live in accordance with the Universal Laws.
Clear and upgrade
  • Get clear on why "it" hasn't happened yet and what to do about it.
  • Pinpoint the misalignment in your conscious/subconscious.
  • Upgrade your internal self image.
  • Get clear about your money mindset issues.
  • Learn how to let go of fears that keep you playing small.
  • Understand how to free yourself from what others will think.
  • Reprogram yourself to feel good enough.
Act with
  • Be unwavering in your actions because you're clear on your intentions
  • Don't let not knowing "how" get in your way.
  • Learn how to receive reliable divine guidance (daily).
  • Discover how to trust the signs and opportunities.
  • Learn to take decisive action.
  • Commit to a discipline of doing what others won't.
  • Become skilled at having courage in acting despite fears.
  • Stretch beyond your existing comfort zone.
  • Become a master of acting with faith.

"When riches begin to come, they come so quickly, in such great abundance that one wonders where they have been hiding during all those lean years."
- Napoleon Hill

Meet David

"Participating in Mindset Mastery was a very powerful and rewarding experience for me on multiple levels. I was a little bit skeptical as to what this was all about and what it would mean for me as I had never done anything like it before.

Despite my skepticism, I had several breakthroughs about myself and where I wanted to take my business. I knew I wanted to grow my business, but Mindset Mastery helped me get very specific about exactly what I wanted for myself, both personally and professionally.

I made some modifications to my sales process and saw great results, and within one month of Mindset Mastery, I had closed five new clients. For me, it was about changing my mindset, putting positive energy out there and approaching my prospects and clients differently than I had in the past.

My advice to those thinking of participating in Mindset Mastery is to absolutely go for it and to open your mind and heart. Expect better results in your life!"

David M. Karofsky

This mindset process rearranges things on a profound and deep level as soon as you say yes to it.

You have the information. Now the question is: will you do it?

It's not about hearing about it; it's about living it.

So, the question I have for you now is: would you be happy if, exactly one year from today, you were in the exact same place?

If the answer is "NO" and you are ready for a change, I want to invite you to...

Mindset Mastery

Today, I'm giving you an opportunity to access the same materials I teach at my live events and to my students who invest many thousands of dollars to enroll in The Client Attraction Business School.

Here's what you get in Mindset Mastery:

  • 24/7 lifetime access to three full days of powerful video content: immerse yourself in mindset whenever you need a boost, for years to come
  • Audio recordings of all content: listen in your car or on the treadmill. Inspiration is one click away!
  • Handouts, worksheets and exercises: download at your pleasure to have the support you need to illuminate your blind spots. Journal away!
  • Full handy access to all the presentation slides so you can keep them on your desk at all times (go through the material at your own pace and be able to go back to it again and again as needed)
  • Built-in accountability structure with 3 months of email encouragement to keep you on track and implementing like never before
  • My specific processes, tools, worksheets and mantras to instantly turn your negative thoughts into positive and ingrain new neural pathways that will pave the way to your success

Valuable bonuses:

  • Your ticket to the 3-day in-person 2016 Mindset Retreat, November 14-16 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida! (Hundreds of others will happily pay thousands of dollars to attend. You will get in for free.)
  • Access to the marketing-focused Monetize Your Message so you can take your shiny new mindset to the bank! (I don't offer this event anymore, so this is the ONLY way to get access to this course. And it's worth the investment into Mindset Mastery on its own FOR SURE.)
These valuable bonuses, valued at over $4,500 (making your investment in Mindset Mastery a "Oh Yes" in my humble opinion) are only here for a limited time, and may not be available after MIDNIGHT!
Enroll NOW! You have two options to join me and hundreds of other entrepreneurs who are ready to play a BIGGER game:

Option 1

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When you pay in full, you receive an additional bonus of receiving all of the content at once. Want to get through the entire course in one weekend? Totally possible.

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Option 2

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I do not want MONEY to be the thing that keeps you from making more money! By choosing this option, you will receive one new class every week.

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There is an unlimited supply of abundance ready for you. Mindset Mastery helps you tap into that flow of abundance.

Welcome to the rest of your life. It's going to be good.

Here's to you unlocking the greatness that already lies within you!

I'm so honored to be your guide to unlocking the potential within.

"I am not a newbie to the world of positivity and the Law of Attraction, but the structure and content of Mindset Mastery really helped me to make some major shifts in my world. I have been saying YES to growth-oriented action now in my business much more frequently, which is causing some really big things to start happening. For example, I just a signed a new client this morning at my highest rate yet!"

Lissa James

"Before I had a solid business, but we had plateaued for 3 years with no growth. And, I had no life. After, I was released back into the world with a revived sense of growth and passion. One year later, my business has experienced a whopping 88% increase! I couldn’t believe it after I ran the financial reports. I also took more vacation time than ever before! I attribute the growth to a change in my mindset."

Scott Roewer

"Ten years ago, I started my business just like everyone else: with a dream and lots of passion.

Quickly, I learned all the how tos of running a successful business. I worked long and hard to create an unsinkable business strategy! So, why wasn't I making any money? I knew I was in the right place when I heard Fabienne say, "There are three legs to the business stool: strategy, accountability and mindset." Within the first 30 days of Mindset Mastery, I experienced my highest month ever by earning over $12,000 in my business!"

Latissa S. Jones